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CalAIM Services

CalAIM - a State of California Medi-Cal benefit are aimed at breaking down the traditional walls of health care, introducing a better way to coordinate care, and providing members with the in-person care they need where they live.

Housing Navigation


Housing Navigation can be provided to Medi-Cal member free of charge who are experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of homelessness. Our team will help you gather documents needed for housing, locate housing, and secure funds for your move in deposit.

Enhanced Care Management


Enhanced Care Management is a statewide Medi-Cal benefit available to select members with complex needs. Enrolled members receive comprehensive care management from a single lead care manager who coordinates all their health and health-related care, including physical, mental, and dental care, and social services. Enhanced Care Management makes it easier for members to get the right care at the right time in the right setting, and receive comprehensive care that goes beyond the doctor’s office or hospital.

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Unfortunately, this program is unable to assist with back rent from existing leases.
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